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🖊️Lead Writer & World Architect

555 Comic

555 Comic

Marketing & Communications, IT
Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Lead Writer & World Architect

Story Production
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Eve & Paradise Found
Landon & The Cult
Magic Cooking Travels

📄 The Role

Ready to get started trying to write the next chapter of comics, manga, and anime?

Take ownership of a vast character universe that is live-tweeted and TikTok'd by the characters and craft the story arcs that keep fans checking back for more. Take them everywhere they dream in this transmedia storytelling experience.

What You'll Achieve:

Work with a dedicated illustration and animation team to bring the world to life.
Brainstorm ideas in a writers room, with your editor, other stories’ lead writers, and creative director.
Revise and collaborate throughout the writing process of: summary → image outline → final draft writing process.
Engage with fans in-character getting a better feel for what the community wants.
Test your stories on Twitter in text and illustration form, before adapting your scripts to be fully animated TikTok episodes.
Have a full marketing team behind your story that can grow your fan base to 100,000+ in 3-months or less.

Some Skills and Toolset We Hop You’ll Have:

Strong dialogue writing experience.
TV, visual novel, or mobile game writing experience preferred.
Strong fantasy narrative writing experience.
Have experience as a narrative designer for video games, especially for JRPGs or visual novel mobile games.
Are able to give and receive constructive feedback and collaborate with the rest of your team to develop your own work.

Nice to Haves:

Have experience working on long term commercial projects with a remote team.
Have an affinity for RPG’s, tabletop games, or ARG’s.
Experience writing for episodic scripted content.
Have an existing fan base or following.
Strong familiarity with Twitter.

TL;DR: If you’re a writer who’s ready te get lost in a world for the next few years, building out the lore and episodes with the guidance of your fans, then we want to work with you!

✌️Apply here! (Job ID: 507)