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🔎Director of Illustration & Lead Illustrator

555 Comic

555 Comic

Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Director of Illustration & Lead Illustrator

Story Production
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📄 The Role

This is a combination role, you'll be leading our team of 10+ illustrators as a Director of Illustration, in addition to being a lead illustrator on a new 555 story.

The director of illustration position is the focus of this role. You'll give feedback and notes to artists to make their images more engaging and visually striking for social media platforms.
We always think it's best to lead by example, so you'd also be taking a lead illustration position on another story. Due to your broader role, we'd likely provide you with at least one full-time assistant (of your choosing if you like) to aid in your production.

What You'll Achieve:

As Director of Illustration:
Provide actionable feedback at the sketch stage of drawings both through visual examples and text.
Refine and offer feedback at the finishing stages of drawing, providing some revising feedback, but focusing on how future drawings could be improved.
Evolve and document 555's style guide.
Implement a culture of asset tracking (bg's, expressions, references) so teams can scale and lead artists can focus on the parts they love.
As a Lead Illustrator:
Draw roughly 20-30 sketches p/month mostly to spec from a script.
Guide an assistant illustrator through the line, coloring, and shading stages to the point they can complete them on their own.
Refine near final drawings to better match your style.
Share your ideas an d feedback on scripts and potential images, making them all they can be.
Stay creative with 4+ drawings for the story of your own independent creation!

Some Skills and Toolset We Hope You’ll Have:

Respectable social media presence with illustrations that routinely get 100+ likes.
Strong understanding of composition principles.
Experience working in a lead role on an ongoing illustration related paid project.
Adaptable to new styles and ready to embrace and evolve our characters' selfie/smartphone-angle!
Strong communication skills, both spoken and in text.
Strong understanding of anime and manga design language and styles.
Able to be direct and give tough feedback.

Nice to Haves:

Have experience working on long term commercial projects with an entirely remote team.
Knowledge of Notion or another project management software.
Past teaching or management experience.

TL;DR: We’re looking for a great team lead for our team of illustrators helping us all continue to get better!

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