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📢Community Lead (& Jr. Writer)

555 Comic

555 Comic

Marketing & Communications
Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Community Lead (& Jr. Writer)

Story Production
Job ID
Positions Available
Luna & CRC
Patricia & PRC
Ame & Arcade Agents
Eddie & The Convenience Store
Eve & Paradise Found
Landon & The Cult
Magic Cooking Travels
Venture (Startup/Tech Show)

📄 The Role

Wanna step into the shoes of Luna, Katya, or one of our future characters?

Ready to make our communities of hundreds of thousands of fans smile replying with a personalized response to them?
We're looking for writers ready to make friends and build out the lore of our characters, by chatting with fan communities. You'll be right in the thick of things, so need to be on the lookout for key qualitative insights from the community that can make 555 stories epic!

What You'll Achieve:

Reply to fans from character accounts as stories are live-posted on Twitter and TikTok.
Develop super fans and empower them to create in characters’ worlds.
Get fans roleplaying and talking directly to characters like they’re real.
Manage communities on Twitter, TikTok, email, Discord, and other platforms.
Collaborate with broader teams to deliver on company goals.
Give feedback to the community engagement engineer to help develop tools to make your life easier.
Monitor fan engagement and suggest improvements for your character.
Find, assign, and develop mods and admins from within your characters’ fans.

Some Skills and Toolset We Hope You’ll Have:

Experience with community building and managing audience communities.
Excellent knowledge of email/crm best practices, template building, and more.
Experience with event planning for both digital and in-person events.
Good understanding of social media KPI’s.

Nice to Haves:

Have experience working on long term commercial projects with an entirely remote team.
Knowledge of Notion or another project management software.
DnD, roleplaying and or writing background.
Active on at least one social media platform.


If you’d love to hang out on Twitter and TikTok all day, hanging out with story fans, and giving them a community that they belong to, then let’s chat!
This is also a great position to start in for junior writers, who’d love for the chance to graduate into leading their own story.

✌️Apply here! (Job ID: 033)