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Front-end Developer (Warsaw)



Software Engineering
Warsaw, Poland
Posted on Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Job Description

You must be a high-performing, self-starting software developer that is able to take a business idea, understand it completely, and cast it to abstract software concepts. You focus not only on basic functionality, but also have an eye for UX design / simplicity. You understand that startups move fast, that DONE is better than PERFECT, and that code should be written in a way to be adaptable for changing future business needs. You take pride in and own your features end-to-end: from design to tests to code to documentation to productionization to maintenance.


  • You are pursuing or have earned a BS, MS, or PhD degree in computer science (or equivalent). AND/OR
  • You have 3+ years of experience in the software industry.


  • Required: .solid foundation in object-oriented programming .solid understanding of data structures and algorithms .experience designing or implementing REST APIs .written and spoken English
  • Desired: .experience designing and implementing websockets .experience with document viewer libraries (e.g. for PDF, EPUB, DOCX formats)


  • Experience with a popular frontend framework (e.g. Angular, React, Vue)
  • Experience with a popular version control system (e.g. Git, SVN, Mercurial)
  • Experience with an end-to-end test framework (e.g. Cypress, Selenium, Cucumber)
  • Experience with software for interacting with APIs (e.g. Postman, Swagger, cURL)
  • Experience with desktop applications (e.g. Electron, Tauri, Neutralinojs)


We have a virtual office, so you can work at times that suit you. We are flexible in the salary, based on your ability and impact on the product.