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Full-stack Engineer (Contract)



New York, NY, USA · Remote
Posted on Tuesday, March 2, 2021

👉 The tl/dr
We’re on a mission to help companies build inclusive culture. If you’re a full-stack engineer, passionate about diversity and inclusion and excited to make an outsized impact at an early-stage startup — let’s talk!

💪 About Allie
Allie helps companies build inclusive culture. Traditional diversity approaches are top-down, one-off and compliance-driven (think annual anti-harassment or unconscious bias training) and clearly aren’t working.

We firmly believe that diversity and inclusion is everyone's job, every day. We’re building tech that enables organizational behavior change and scales empathy and efforts that typically fall to underrepresented groups.

Our customers are thrilled there's a new way forward — our Slack app delivers weekly content and tips for employees, while our backend measures impact and surfaces insights for executives. They’ve said:
• “Best training I’ve taken in 20+ years in corporate, tech and finance.”
• “People who never talked about diversity before are talking about it for the first time.”

💼 The role
We are hiring a Full-stack Engineer to build out development of our flagship product. Your core responsibilities are building features and maintaining our codebase.

Our stack is largely microservice oriented, deployed on Heroku and AWS. We are a NodeJS backend, with Slack as our front-end. We additionally have a React/Redux web app. We leverage PostgresQL, MongoDB, Redis and DynamoDB as our database technologies.

✅ What we need (requirements):
• Strong Javascript skills, both NodeJS and front-end
• Experience with one or more of these database technologies: PostgresQL, MongoDB, Redis
• Front-end experience with a framework, preferably React
• Experience shipping and deploying code

💯 Bonus points if you have experience with:
• Early stage startups, either founding one yourself or working closely with founding teams
• Diversity and inclusion work, maybe as a member or lead of an employee resource group, D&I committee or industry group
• The HR tech space or working with HRIS integrations/APIs like Workday
• Developing chatbots on Slack, Microsoft Teams or other chat platforms
• Building or managing content management systems, data visualization tools or scheduling systems
• GDPR compliance and working with personally identifiable information (PII)

🙌 Who you are
• You are passionate about our mission and values. You already know what diversity and inclusion is, why it's important and you care deeply about this problem.
• You like working with smart people to solve hard problems. You're interested in how tech can change behavior, especially for such a nuanced, complex challenge.
• You are a builder and self-starter. You are comfortable with a startup environment — if you don't know the answer, you figure it out and can course-correct.
• You are excited about impact. As an early-stage, mission-driven startup, you have a unique opportunity to have lasting impact on both our company and the problem.

🦄 We are actively committed to building a team with diverse backgrounds, skills and perspectives and strongly encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply. Diversity and inclusion is baked into our core values and mission. We strive to build not just a diverse company but also an inclusive culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging, safety and equity.