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NLP Engineer



Software Engineering
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023

About Us

Auquan’s AI tools enable hedge funds and asset managers to turbocharge their investment workflows with data-driven insights.

Our Portfolio Activity Monitor helps funds deal with information overload as they struggle to find insights in 38 million terabytes of unstructured data that exists today. We use Natural Language Processing and our proprietary Knowledge Graph to help automatically monitor, filter, and process millions of terabytes of structured and unstructured data like news, filings, and alternative datasets into a single page view of only the most relevant information so fund managers focus only on what’s important and never leave alpha on the table.

We’re a deep tech company, with a strong focus on practical applications; everything we build is informed by real-world client insights and it’s practicality in solving these challenges.[customer first, not technology]

Our Ideal Candidate

Our ideal candidate is someone who -

  • Loves Math, Statistics, and solving challenging problems.
  • Delivers tasks and projects up to satisfaction and on time
  • Is curious and persistent to take their idea and see them through to production by building bleeding-edge ML models
  • Is able to apply ML models to a diverse set of problems (including but not limited to - classification, regression, clustering, and text analysis)
  • Understands that ML is as much about research notebooks as about putting all the pieces together

Job Requirements

We are looking for someone who combines extensive experience in machine learning in the industry, with research excellence. Experience in ML and NLP is essential. This is a senior hands-on role that enables you to make a major impact on the field and the company.

Experienced in software development with hands-on know-how in productionizing ML solutions

  • Experienced in Natural Language Processing (NER, Topic Modeling, Sentiment, Summarization, and NLG)
  • You have an educational degree in a computational field and a strong CS background
  • Experience working in TDD, and CI/CD environments
  • Experience working on AWS cloud environments

Day to Day Responsibilities

  • Applying machine learning models to a diverse set of problems including classification, regression, clustering, text analysis
  • Writing production-level extraction pipelines to fit our infrastructures.
  • Building bleeding-edge ML models, and through to model deployment - ML Ops, backend engineering, cloud systems - you’re on it.

What does Auquan Offer you?

Make your mark

  • Immediately see the impact of your work
  • Be part of one of the hottest Fintech startups as recognized by Forbes and TechCrunch

Be in control

  • Freedom to shape the work you do
  • Take the opportunity to do work that helps you master a variety of transferable skills or skills that are relevant across roles and industries.

Enjoy growing rewards

  • Competitive Salary + Bonus every time we raise
  • Health Insurance