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Business expert for fun digital health startup (potential to become co-founder)



New York, NY, USA · Remote
Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023

We are a pre-seed stage company looking to launch a product by early 2021.

What We're Working On:
Our attention improving and stress-reducing technologies are using existing hardware and software.

End Product:
Use laptop and smartphone cameras and machine learning to effectively detect heart rate and breathing patterns, and our patent-based Adaptive Interfaces to personalize the screen and offer healthy break reminders based on the results.
Our business model is also innovative giving users ownership over their biometrical data in addition. For our first digital health product we have a subscription model.
Please check out our new page www.breathing.ai

We need help with the financials and business plan, and all things finances and business. Ideally also somebody with fundraising experience and a network in business.

Who We Want:
Business experts who love to work in teams (we're still remotely) and develop an innovative business helping screen users feel better, and even earn compensation by owning their own data.

Culture-fit is extremely important to us and we would love to work with someone with previous start-up experience.

We are willing to offer long-term team positions, vested equity, participation in revnue of first product and payment upon first revenue or investment. We are currently still self-funded. We are still pre-seed but close to product launch.
With high committment and development of our go-to-market, business and financials, it is possible to become a core team member with equity stage similar to co-founder. Please check out our story page on our website.

Looking forward to speaking with you!