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Bariatric Patient Navigator



Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, CA, USA
Posted on Sunday, November 5, 2023

Location: Los Angeles, CA (Remote Work)

Languages: English & Spanish Fluency Required

Position Type: Part-Time

Key Responsibilities:

As a Bariatric Patient Navigator at, you will:

1. Patient Support: Serve as a primary point of contact and support (remotely) for

bariatric patients, offering guidance and reassurance throughout their weight loss

journey using CaloSense proprietary platform.

2. Pre-Surgery Education: Provide comprehensive education to patients considering

bariatric surgery, ensuring they understand the procedures, risks, and benefits


3. Post-Surgery Care: Offer ongoing post-operative care and guidance, assisting

patients in managing their recovery, nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments.

4. Language Proficiency: Utilize your fluency in both English and Spanish to effectively

communicate with patients, addressing their concerns and questions.

5. Bariatric Knowledge:** Apply your specialized knowledge in bariatric care to tailor

support plans, address patient needs, and promote successful outcomes.

6. Technology Integration: Leverage technology-driven solutions to remotely monitor

patient progress, track outcomes, and ensure timely interventions when necessary.

7. Documentation: Maintain accurate and confidential patient records, documenting all

interactions and interventions.

8. Collaboration: Collaborate with a multidisciplinary healthcare team, including

surgeons, dietitians, and mental health professionals, to provide holistic patient care.

9. Empowerment: Empower patients to make informed decisions about their health,

emphasizing self-care and adherence to post-operative guidelines.


● Active RN licensure in the state of California.

● Specialized knowledge in bariatric care and weight management.

● Proficiency in both English and Spanish, both written and spoken.

● Strong interpersonal skills and a compassionate, patient-centered approach.

● Ability to work independently and remotely, maintaining a high level of


● Comfortable with technology and digital healthcare tools.

● Prior experience in patient navigation or care coordination is a plus.