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Charter Space

Charter Space

Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Software Engineer (Backend)

Job Posted
November 14, 2022 5:47 PM
Last Edited
November 15, 2022 3:16 PM
Los Angeles

What we’re looking for

Charter is seeking a frontend engineer who driven to learn, grow, and win with the team. You’ll help with establishing culture and navigating the chaos inherent to startups. You will be responsible for building and scaling core components of Charter, and pitch in to steer our key architecture and technology towards allowing us to solve difficult problems with elegant and practical code.

Who you are

Infinitely curious, with a penchant for systematic and methodical thinking, and willing to learn and grow on the job. If you think about solving problems in terms of progressive steps and pipelines that look like A → B → C → ... → Z, we want you.
You should also:
Thrive in a fast-paced environment which revolves around cross-disciplinary interaction and remote collaboration;
Have a passion for space and the capacity to learn fast, and be excited about contributing your talents to and making an impact in a rapidly expanding market;
Have a strong bias to action;
(Preferably) have some prior experience in the space industry;
Align with our values; and
Fundamentally believe that great change for the better is possible, if only we have the right cause, team, and timing.

A day in the life as a Frontend Engineer:

Writing code :)
Collaborating with the engineering team via pair programming sessions and discussions on slack / google meet / zoom to ship features and overcome engineering challenges.
Reviewing Merge Requests, providing helpful feedback during code reviews and teaching your peers.
Responding to issues / bug reports.
Offering technical advice to the rest of the team where needed.
Refining user stories and ironing out technical requirements that can be worked on.
Working with the CTO / CEO in your one-on-one meetings to grow your own career.


Be curious about how things work, and constantly seek to improve.
Collaboratively define, scope, prioritize, and estimate work.
Be organised and self sufficient, pick new work autonomously, working to unblock yourself when stuck either by reaching out for help or finding other solutions.
Drive helpful conversations around technical issues and engineering practices, suggesting improvements and ideas as you see them.
Review code and provide thoughtful, constructive feedback during code reviews.
Deliver complex code / features that are easily to maintain, and adheres to atomic design principles.
Document your knowledge where necessary.
Balance speed and quality, with a focus on tangible results.


We care more about hiring people that have a track record of caring deeply about their work than checking all of the qualifications off. So whether you meet all the qualifications or a partial set, we want to hear from you.

Minimum Qualifications

Excellent communication skills.
>2 years of experience as a full-time professional software engineer.
Solid grasp of statically typed languages (e.g. GoLang, Java, Rust) and their relevant web app frameworks.
Experience working in Linux / Unix environments.
Working experience with Git.
Experience with Test Driven Development.
Experience working in agile teams.
Experience working asynchronously in a remote, distributed team.
Knowledge of backend testing, profiling and debugging practices.
Strong problem solving skills.
Ability to think critically about system design and software engineering concepts, and apply them with pragmatism based on project needs.
Fast and independent learner.

Preferred Qualifications

Experience developing, operating and maintaining backend systems in production environments.
Experience working with AWS services such as:
Hosting: EC2, ECS, Amplify
Identity: Cognito
API: Lambda, CloudFormation
Storage: S3, DynamoDB
Messaging: SQS / SES
Experience building distributed systems.
Experience building REST APIs
Experience (personal / professional) with MQTT, Websockets and other networking protocols.
Experience with CI/CD tools
Knowledge of logging principles and monitoring tools such as Splunk.
Exposure to pair programming.
Exposure to frontend fundamentals such as:
ReactJs components / webapp

Compatible Time Zones

Our current team members are distributed across different time zones including:
GMT-8 (Los Angeles)
GMT+0 (London)
GMT+1 (Sweden)
GMT+8 (Singapore)
Although we've found that it's easier to collaborate when everyone's in a similar time zone, if you're willing to stay up late or get up early, so are we.

About Us

Charter is building the new industry standard for satellite logistics.

How to Apply

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