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Sales person

LayUp Technologies

LayUp Technologies

Sales & Business Development
Posted on Thursday, July 6, 2023

Senior Engineer

A fast-growing fintech company which is disrupting the payments industry by introducing a new way for consumers to pay without credit. They’ve built a dynamic cloud-based and bank grade recurring payment system that enables businesses via pre-payment technology.

The current development team consists of 6 people, ranging from the CTO/co-founder to a junior front-end developer.

They are looking for an experienced senior full stack engineer to join the team to assist with the further development and maintenance of the current system.

You will be joining a developed team with dedicated sprint and task management using a scrum management process. The technology stack is built using Node.Js (javascript) for their API backend development and Vue.JS for their front-end development. They are fully cloud-based and use AWS for hosting.

The company directly integrates with commercial banks using Host-2-Host as well as with 3rd party payment providers to offer various payment services and financial products.

Working for them will allow you to be part of a high-performance development team working with the latest web technologies.

  • At their core they solve problems and love doing it! They’re passionate about building products.
  • They believe in writing clean, simple, and maintainable code.
  • They’re a full-stack team, meaning you’ll have a seat at the table in the product and design discussions and will play a critical role in developing and rolling out solutions.
  • You’ll become one of the core decision-makers for the solutions going forward.

We are currently recruiting for a lead engineering position. This specific position is for a mid-level to senior backend engineer who loves & lives to code and solves technical challenges.

  • You’ll be part of their core development team and start with a mission to learn the domain and tech stack and start adding value by assuming feature development responsibilities.
  • You’ll participate in the planning of features.
  • You’ll liaise with their support, sales, and management teams to define and solve new challenges and build new features, improve existing ones and improve the overall performance of the system.
  • You’ll use your experience to help address bugs and other technical challenges.

Use the requirements below as a guideline to determine if you’ll qualify and be able to succeed in this position:

  • Native Level proficiency (English or Afrikaans)
  • Minimum of 6 + years working with various web technologies, mainly backend
  • Experience developing full-stack solutions where you were responsible or involved in the A-Z of the project
  • DevOps experience (Beneficial but not required)
  • Interest or experience in finances (FinTech) and accounting.
  • Very good understanding of basic accounting principles.
  • Interest or experience in the fintech space.
  • Experience building & maintaining third-party integrations and working with APIs.

Technical Experience

  • Javascript – Node.js
  • Vue.js Frameworks
  • MySQL
  • AWS
  • Flutter / Swift / Android (Beneficial but not required)
  • Software design patterns
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Security best practices
  • Feature & unit testing
  • Relational databases (MySQL)
  • Scrum process
  • Git and GitHub
  • DevOps processes

Personal Attributes we are looking for:

  • You love problem-solving.
  • You work very well under pressure.
  • You enjoy doing focused, meaningful deep work.
  • You love working with other people.
  • You’re someone who can collaborate and communicate very well.
  • You’re an exceptional team player
  • You’re humble and always willing to listen and learn even from people with less expertise and experience.
  • You know the right tools to use to solve a problem.
  • You enjoy keeping up with new technologies and trends.

Little more about the company and the role:

They’re strong believers in running a high-performance, efficient yet calm company. This means you’ll have time during the day to do focused meaningful deep work (without email/phone interruptions) so you can go home and spend time on your hobbies or with friends and family. Yes, there are times when you’ll need to put in some extra hours but these are the exception, not the rule.

They don’t micromanage or track hours. They prefer to measure impact and output and will reward you for taking ownership and responsibility for your projects and areas of expertise.

They believe in always being open and honest and giving feedback regularly and in a constructive manner.

They have a hybrid model in place where we all work from home as a development team.

They have an amazing team culture and you will fit right in if you are:

Friendly, respectful, humble, and always willing to teach and guide others but just as willing and open to learning from others and considering different opinions. You are open to giving and receiving honest, constructive feedback without taking offense and use that to learn and become better at your craft and soft skills.

  • you’re passionate about software engineering & problem-solving.
  • You are looking for a new position where you can help shape and transform an entire industry using some of the most innovative latest technologies.
  • You can operate well and stay calm under pressure.
  • You enjoy self-study and can manage your own time well
  • You enjoy working with a smaller team.
  • You can communicate very effectively with individuals or groups of people.