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Founding Data - AI/ML Engineer



This job is no longer accepting applications

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IT, Data Science · Full-time
San Francisco, CA, USA · Remote
Posted on Wednesday, December 20, 2023


At Legends, we're not just about data; we're about reinventing how data shapes our lives and the experiences we have. Founded in 2021, our commitment has always been dual-fold: pushing the boundaries of technological innovation and ensuring that every decision centers around humanity.

Why Your Work Matters

The travel industry's landscape is currently dominated by incumbents like Expedia and Meta, with these entities accumulating vast amounts of information about travelers but offering them little in return. This dynamic has shifted 80% of all transactions to such platforms, squeezing brand margins and disconnecting them from truly understanding their customers.

Our solution? Legends’ proprietary TravelDNA™️ technology. Originally designed for a B2C audience, this patent-pending innovation converts phone metadata into a unique digital identity based on individual preferences, all under the user's control. Imagine having a Zoominfo for traveler data, but this time, sourced directly from the travelers in real-time, potentially boosting transaction margins by up to 20%.

What you’ll do

You will shape and re-define the data ecosystem, for the hospitality and travel industry. We are driven by the mission to empower genuine connections, and our technological solutions are at the heart of this pursuit. We believe in pushing boundaries and transforming the way we experience the world, together.

We are seeking an exceptional Data Science / Machine Learning Engineer with a deep understanding of large data models, big data, AI, and ML.

As the first founding person into this role, you will play an integral part in our business as you bring your solid understanding of market data, product empathy, and product ownership. You’ll also enjoy product facing and not be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty as you lead and drive out building models.

Key Responsibilities

You’ll be responsible for developing statistical models that infer the preferences of consumers and predict future travel behavior for the industry.

Building these models requires expertise in analyzing a diverse set of heterogeneous data, accounting for differences in geography, desirability, and other market dynamics. You’ll partner closely with engineers, designers, and product managers to incorporate the results of their modeling into the product, providing insight, guidance, and interpretation for our customers.

  1. Data Processing: Extract and preprocess phone metadata for structured datasets.
  2. Feature Identification: Derive key features from metadata to deduce travel preferences.
  3. Model Creation: Develop and train predictive models to generate Travel DNA insights.
  4. Testing: Validate model accuracy and iterate based on outcomes.
  5. Product Collaboration: Integrate models into company platforms with product teams.
  6. Optimization: Ensure models are scalable and optimized for timely processing.
  7. Model Interpretability: Provide clear insights and communicate outcomes to diverse stakeholders.
  8. Industry Awareness: Stay updated with data science and machine learning advancements.
  9. Ethical Practices: Uphold user privacy and promote ethical data usage.
  10. Documentation: Maintain clear records of methods and results.
  11. Stakeholder Engagement: Share insights with management and cross-functional teams.
  12. Feedback Integration: Collaborate with UX/UI teams to refine models based on user feedback.
Legends is an equal opportunity employer.

This job is no longer accepting applications

See open jobs at Legends.