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Security Alarm System Engineer



Vadodara, Gujarat, India · Vadodara, Gujarat, India · Gujarat, India
Posted on Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Advanced Troubleshooting:

  • Connection Issues:
  • Verify the internet connection if the system is Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Guide the customer to restart their router and check if the system reconnects.
  • App or Software Issues:
  • Ensure the customer has the latest version of the mobile app or software.
  • Guide them through any necessary updates or reinstallation.
  • Alarm Not Arming/Disarming:
  • Ask the customer to try arming/disarming the system from the control panel and the mobile app.
  • Check if there are any zone bypasses or faults preventing arming.

Guiding Through System Reset

  • Instruct the customer on how to perform a factory reset if needed (ensure they understand this will erase custom settings).
  • Guide them through reconfiguring the system post-reset.


  • If the problem persists, escalate the call to a higher level of technical support.
  • Inform the customer about the next steps and what they can expect.

Closing The Call

  • Summarize the steps taken and confirm if the issue is resolved.
  • Provide any additional tips or recommendations for system maintenance.
  • Thank the customer for their patience and provide contact information for further assistance.
  • Offer a follow-up call if necessary to ensure the issue remains resolved.


B.tech / Diploma

Skills: support analysts,problem analysis,support documentation