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Data Engineer at LogSpend (Full-time)



Data Science
Posted on Friday, May 3, 2024

Data Engineer at LogSpend (Full-time)

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1. Who we are

LogSpend is building the self-serve analytics platform for AI-native products. We recognize that building LLM products is hard and so we help product teams get an in-depth view of how their users are interacting with their products so they can build the best AI-powered user experiences.
Location: Barcelona, Spain Job type: Full-time
The next frontier of user experiences will be AI-powered and our mission is to accelerate this transition into an AI-first world by enabling companies create more value for their customers and end users through delightful AI-powered experiences.
LogSpend equips product teams with the super powers to go beyond tracking explicit user actions to gleaning insights from unstructured user interaction and navigation data. We do this by simplifying complex data collection and reconciliation from multiple sources to ensure high-quality data at the source, automating insight extraction at scale and providing full flexibility on how these insights are consumed and acted upon by product teams.
We’ve processed over 100M user interactions to date and serve several data-driven and AI companies. If you’re excited about the potential to redefine what the future of data-driven organizations should look like in an AI-first world, then you just might have found your band!
We are a VC-backed company built by two founders who spent the last 6 years at Spotify shipping personalized listening experiences to millions of Spotify users globally.

2. About the role

We are on the lookout for a skilled and dedicated Data Engineer to become a part of our energetic team. In this role, you'll be instrumental in crafting and maintaining a scalable data processing infrastructure that underpins our AI-driven analytics platform. Your expertise will guide the transformation of unstructured and event-based tracking data into actionable insights, working alongside our data scientists, product managers, and business teams.

Key Responsibilities

Data Infrastructure Development: Design, develop, and maintain premier data products and infrastructure, ensuring the reliability and integrity of insights delivered to stakeholders.
Analytics Platform Management: Build and oversee comprehensive data analytics platforms, handling everything from raw data processing to the derivation of meaningful metrics and insights.
Integration and Optimization: Collaborate with backend engineers to seamlessly integrate data sources and sinks, like BigQuery, optimizing for efficiency and minimal latency.
Data Modeling: Implement adaptable data modeling techniques to provide instant, configurable insights, utilizing platforms such as ClickHouse and Druid for self-service analytics.
Cross-functional Teamwork: Work closely with various teams to uphold data quality, manage pipelines, and coordinate data processing schedules effectively.


Data Processing Expertise: Demonstrated ability in creating scalable data processing infrastructures and managing unstructured and event-based tracking data using frameworks like Apache Spark and Apache Flink.
Machine Learning Acumen: A good grasp of machine learning concepts and experience with AI-driven insights.
Data Modeling Proficiency: Strong knowledge in data modeling and analytics, with hands-on experience in databases like ClickHouse and Druid.
Data Management Skills: Familiarity with managing data warehouses, pipelines, and ensuring data quality.
MLOps Experience: Previous work experience with managing machine learning infrastructure in a production setting is a plus.

3. Why you definitely want to work with us

Asides from being part of an exciting mission and building things from scratch, you’ll be part of a small fun and ambitious team that loves moving fast and trying things out.
You’ll be doing one of the most impactful works of your career, making people’s lives better through AI.
You will work hard, but we will celebrate the small and big wins together.
We will organize company offsites several times a year to work and play together.
And of course, you will get a competitive salary, significant equity ownership, health insurance and professional development opportunities!

4. Where to apply

Send your application at careers@logspend.com if you think you could be a great fit!
Please note: we are not interested in receiving assistance from recruitment or staffing agencies. Thank you for your understanding.