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Senior Security Liasion Specialist



douala, cameroon · douala, cameroon · Cameroon
Posted on Thursday, May 9, 2024

Role Overview: Senior Security Liasion Specialist

We seek an experienced Senior Security Liasion Specialist who will provide safety consultation to MAX business operations across locations. This position is responsible for ensuring the safety of all MAX employees and physical assets(Fleet), from any physical and security threats. This role reports directly to the Head of Operations. You must be highly analytical, a self-starter, results-oriented and able to thrive in an entrepreneurial and fast-paced environment. We are also committed to and encourage equal opportunity.

What You’ll Do:

MAX Safety

  • Provide safety consultation to MAX employees and champions about insecurities and travel advisory
  • Select and implement the most effective systems for employees, fleet and champions protection(manage security company engagement, ensure all facilities are adequately monitored and define security rules in each facility)
  • Identify any potential threats to employees' and champions' information or physical safety
  • Interact with employees and champions to keep them abreast of best security practices
  • Lead educational efforts to empower employees and champions to prevent security threats of any kind
  • Develop, write and publish materials outlining security procedures for MAX
  • Conduct regular tests on processes/trips to determine areas that are vulnerable to attack
  • Prepare security reports for clients, managers and other important personnel
  • Recommend actions to prevent attacks in security’s weak areas
  • Establish liaisons with security agencies to ensure employees', fleet and champions safety is prioritised
  • Competitive intelligence and new market opportunities

Health & Safety

  • Test and analyze MAX assets for potential security threats
  • Conduct security threat assessments and advise the Management accordingly
  • Be the point person with clients to discuss security measures, provide information and feedback to MAX Management
  • Identify any potential threats to MAX employees, determine the best security measures, and advise accordingly
  • Collaborate with People Operations and Operations Manager to lead or assist with any internal investigations
  • Fight internal security threats as well as external ones
  • Interact with all employees to keep them abreast of best security practices
  • Educate the staff to prevent security threats of any kind
  • Develop and implement MAX Security Policy and Procedures across all locations