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Regen Network
Regen Network


Great Barrington, MA, USA · United States · North America


Agriculture and Farming · Blockchain and Crypto · Finance · Lending and Investments


11-50 employees



founded in


Invest in a thriving planet. Climate change and environmental degradation are the largest existential threats to humanity in the 21st century, and also the largest economic opportunity of our time. These problems are fundamentally issues of economic coordination. Regen Network, a Techstars-backed company, is a digital platform powered by Cosmos SDK that allows farmers, brands, and institutions to make auditable ecological agreements so that we can rapidly accelerate the adoption of regenerative agriculture and reverse global climate change. Regen Network is comprised of two important parts. We are building a Proof-of-Stake blockchain focused on ecological data, assets, and agreements using the Tendermint Consensus Engine and the Cosmos SDK. Join us to help secure what we believe will be the most important distributed ledger on Earth -- the ledger of ecological health and agreements. In addition to creating the underlying infrastructure necessary for ecological accounting, we're also building real-world applications. Investing in Regen Network Now is the time to take bold action to reverse the degradation of this planet. This technology offers us an incredible opportunity to do just that. We are currently in a private pre-sale for our native staking token or offering convertible notes for equity if that is what you prefer. We will personally guide you through the investment process to make it as easy, private, and secure as possible. Token Mechanics Regen Ledger is secured through our staking token, the Regen token (XRN). XRN follows the Cosmos Proof-of-Stake consensus and token economics. By purchasing and staking XRN, you help secure this essential infrastructure and the public good it generates, plus staked tokens receive network fees and block rewards as compensation for this important work. For more detailed information please see our economics paper. Regen Network Development, Inc. is building a contracting platform utilizing Regen Ledger to make easy and accessible ecological contracts between institutions and land managers, who may not have the capacity to interact directly with the blockchain. At the center of these agreements are scientifically-robust ecological protocols that verify a change in practice or outcomes on the ground. The Market A conservative estimate of the size of the Ecosystem Service Market came in at $36 billion in 2017. We expect this to grow to $1 trillion over the next decade as climate change accelerates and businesses and governments react to the economic disruption by beginning to value currently-externalized costs. We intend to capture a significant portion of this market.

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