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Software Engineer



Software Engineering
Orlando, FL, USA
Posted on Thursday, June 29, 2023

Hello! We're seeking a rockstar Software Engineer to join our Retavo family.

We are a marketplace technology platform that enables any business to launch its own 2-sided marketplace. We're Shopify for marketplaces. We are a VC-backed startup and also recently graduated from Techstars Atlanta. Our platform is about 90% code complete currently as well.

Brief Description
Please don't underestimate the following statement but our platform is complex as such we're currently looking for developers to join our team with good to extensive experience working with the latest versions of Angular and C# specifically. I can pretty much guarantee that you'll learn something new as well as face unique and interesting challenges every day. If you're looking for a positive work environment where you'll be able to take ownership of your work, be challenged, and enjoy working with a team full of good and supportive people this may be the position for you. This will be a great experience to see what it takes to build a startup from the ground up.

Our product is a while-label multi-vendor marketplace solution that makes creating and hosting a multi-vendor marketplace cost-effective and efficient for our clients. For those unfamiliar with the term, a peer-to-peer multi-vendor marketplace solution is a site or app where users may sell or lend items to each other. Our clients are owners of the marketplace and their users provide the items for sale and also purchase items from the marketplace. A few examples of peer-to-peer marketplaces would be eBay, Etsy, and perhaps Amazon (when not purchasing directly from Amazon). Our solution makes it easy for anyone to create their own marketplaces.

Working Hours Overlap
You can work from anywhere you'd like and whatever hours you like provided you're able to attend the daily standup at 9:00 am EST and can overlap sometime between the hours of 7am-5 pm EST.


We're currently raising our seed round. This position will be unpaid however you will receive 2.0% of equity for your work upfront and the opportunity to sign on for full-time employment once we close our round this summer. Once our seed round is complete, where hoping by June, you'll be paid a fair market salary for your work. We're working a normal 40-hour week until we get the initial revision of the product out the door. Then we will transition to a 4-day work week later this summer.

Let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to working with you!