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Senior DevOps Engineer



Software Engineering
Carlsbad, CA, USA · United States · Rancho San Diego, CA, USA · San Diego, CA, USA
Posted on Thursday, July 13, 2023

About Us:

Seasats is a small but rapidly growing company building autonomous boats for commercial, defense, and ocean science customers. The vehicles we build are strong and durable enough to carry sensors on multi-month ocean missions, but are also light enough to be handled by 1-2 people without cranes or heavy equipment.

The company is located in sunny San Diego, CA and is composed of talented engineers, builders, tinkerers, and business people. Internally, our shop work culture is hard working, but fun and quite flexible. Externally, we’ve built a reputation for being professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to getting the job done. For more info, check out seasats.com.

Role: Senior DevOps Engineer

Salary Range: $100,000-$135,000 + stock options and benefits

Rather than making a highly specific job post asking for x years of experience, we’ve left this post and its salary range pretty broad. If you apply, we’ll see how you would fit into our organization and offer compensation accordingly. Minimal work/project experience will lead to an offer on the lower end; killer experience/credentials will put you on the higher end.

Key Traits / Skills:

  • You live, breathe, thrive on, geek out on, large interconnected data systems
  • A large amount of experience with networked systems, data layers, databases, servers, and server management
  • Advanced knowledge of routing, NAT, port forwarding, VPNs, VLANs, firewalls
  • Experienced with industry-standard security protocols and measures
  • Experienced with Docker and some exposure to Terraform or similar
  • Competent in Bash / shell scripting and Git
  • Python and MySQL replication experience are a plus

The Details

This is an exciting opportunity to manage the scaling of a growing system of field-deployed robots. Seasats has several autonomous vehicles in customer hands across the globe, and the company is now in a position to 10x our vehicles’ production and deployment rates. We’re looking for an experienced DevOps engineer who’s excited to learn the current system and then scale it to make it resilient to attacks and network outages, improve its speed, etc.

Seasats’ customers depend on our vehicles to complete high value (and at times dangerous) missions. The systems you’ll be managing cut across all of our products and services and as such are critical to the whole organization. Much of your work will be on the backend, but you’ll contribute to systems that run on the vehicles themselves.

You’ll be reporting directly to our CTO, a DevOps guru who built the current system. Over time you’ll be expected to take ownership of the system and operate autonomously, identifying and executing tasks that will sometimes be glamorous and rewarding but in other cases will be time consuming and low-visibility to most of the team.

Specific tasks could include:

  • Setting up and monitoring diagnostic systems for Seasats servers and vehicles
  • Responding to urgent service calls on off hours if customers, servers, vehicles, or Seasats developers run into problems (hopefully rare)
  • Quickly implementing bug fixes & following up with stable, well designed resolutions
  • Planning system level improvements that harden the system, make it easier to monitor, facilitate maintenance, and optimize its performance
  • Deploying VPS resources, implementing resource clusters, designing and implementing APIs and network infrastructure for developer or customer use
  • Thinking about the company’s scaling needs and staying one step ahead
  • Proactively identifying & mitigating risks
  • Experimenting with next generation hardware, software, or configurations for future integration

This is an excellent opportunity to do high impact work, see your code go into live field robotics applications, and join a fun and hard working team on the cutting edge of ocean autonomy. Whether you’re a new grad or a 30 year industry vet, we expect an open-minded learning attitude from everyone at Seasats.

    If you join, you’ll receive a competitive salary, health insurance, perks, stock options, and an important spot in a rapidly growing ocean tech company. We’re extremely committed to helping new team members succeed by ramping up with well-scoped projects and regularly taking the time to discuss where things are working and what needs to change. We’re also big on personal freedoms: if you’re on top of your responsibilities and want the afternoon off to surf, play with your dog, or do whatever you want to do, go for it! We have flexible hours, a flexible time off schedule, and a personable, kickass work culture. We want someone who’s stoked to contribute in and to this environment.

    If you apply, we'll ask for the following things:

    • A resume.
    • Confirmation that you’re in San Diego or willing to relocate here.
      • Partly remote work is available after an initial ramp up period.
    • 1-3 sentences on why this job excites you and how you heard about us.
    • 1-3 sentences on the most relevant networked system that you’ve built, managed, or ran DevOps for.
    • A link to your favorite cyber hack/penetration of the past decade.
    • A link to your Github, website, blog, or anything else you’d like us to see, if applicable.
    • Possible start date (or range).

    We appreciate diverse perspectives and life experiences and so encourage people of all backgrounds to apply. Note, however, that we are currently unable to sponsor employment visas, so candidates must be independently authorized to work in the United States.

    We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

    Thanks for checking us out!