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Head of Marketing and Hands-on Channel Activation - (*Primarily Equity)



Marketing & Communications
United States
Posted on Monday, September 4, 2023

SQOR is seeking and ambitious, entrepreneurial marketer, preferably with high growth B2B SaaS experience.

The ideal candidate will build our marketing from the ground up and work hand in hand with the CEO to ensure we grow users on SQOR's platform as our lead marketing executive. You will plan, manage and execute all marketing efforts alongside the C-suite, in line with our objectives. The CMO title/role will be within reach, but you will have to achieve milestones to get it within the first 6 months.

Title: Co-Founder and Head of Marketing (*Possible CMO / 6 Months)

Are you a hands-on marketer with tons of experience doing user acquisition for B2B SaaS. Are you an expert at activating multiple channels for acquisition including content, email, SMM, SEM, SEO, Events, Linkedin, and more?

SQOR.io is in search of its first Head of Marketing, an individual poised to be at the forefront of our user acquisition and digital marketing strategies. While the initial compensation leans heavily on equity, there is a small monthly budget and the the potential for growth and influence within our company is immense.

About SQOR.io:

SQOR.io is a Techstars alum developing a game-changing SaaS product. Our AI-driven platform addresses a pressing challenge in today's business environment: efficiently monitoring data across the many SaaS tools at a company. We're not just solving a problem; we're introducing an innovative solution that offers powerful business intelligence extraction in an affordable and efficient manner and that works internally and externally so that all stakeholders (leadership, investors, vendors) can hava sense for the health of the company.

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Oversee user acquisition and onboarding, emphasizing a Product Lead Growth (PLG) approach.
  • Develop, lead, and execute multi-channel campaigns spanning socials, content, PR, and beyond.
  • Collaborate closely with Sales & Customer Experience teams to:
  • Produce and maintain B2B content such as decks, blogs, and guides.
  • Optimize website and landing pages, utilizing a keen design sense.
  • Conduct comprehensive market research, competitor analysis, and customer journey mapping.
  • Measure, track, and optimize campaign performances, presenting results to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Organize and support both virtual and in-person promotional events.
  • Manage and nurture relationships with our marketing partners and vendors.

Desired Qualities:

  • A deep understanding of flywheels and PLG.
  • Proven track record of designing and executing successful, complex marketing campaigns.
  • Passion for PLG, customer research, and both Growth/Performance and Demand/Content marketing.
  • Mastery over tools like HubSpot, SEMRush, Salesforce, Google Data Studio, Hotjar, etc.
  • A blend of excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • A drive to collaborate, strategize, plan, and deliver results.

Compensation & Location:

The role is primarily equity-based for now, but we have a monthly budget of $2K for the role that will increase as the company achieves user acquisition milestones. And as we advance in our funding stages, a normal startup salary will be introduced. (All seior Team members are equity and you woul dbe the first to get pay as well as equity.) While we are fine with our team operating remotely and welcome candidates from anywhere in the world, it would be great is occasional meet-ups in New York City, but that is not a requirement. It is merely a preference.

Why SQOR.io:

Join us in our mission to redefine how companies and their investors relate to teh data being generated across all of th etools used to operate a company. At SQOR, we believe that execution is the greatest determinant of performance at a company, so that is what we measure. By doing so, we see an opportunity to also eradicate many of the biases that have lead to disparities in funding for people of certain genders, race, age, or any other by leveling teh playing field and re-focusing on what matters most: EXECUTION. As we work towards our ESG unicorn status, we are committed to not only achieving financial success, but also positive societal impact.

If you're seeking more than just a job, if you want a role where you can influence, innovate, and inspire as part of the Senior Leadership of the team, SQOR.io awaits.