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Co-founder Senior Front End MERN Badass with Startup Experience (**Primarily Equity + Stipend)



Software Engineering
New York, NY, USA
Posted on Saturday, November 11, 2023

This cofounder role is primarily for equity, with a small ($2000) monthly stipend as a supplementary support. It's about joining an A-team dedicated to revolutionizing business intelligence. As we raise more capital the cash portion will increase, but we will make you whole with equity and want a co-founding team member.

Watch our ONE minute product video: https://youtu.be/Dg4HTp4wXTI

SQOR.io (Techstars '22 Alum) is seeking a Front End genius with direct experience with high building and scaling a product driven by high end design concepts and methods. We are B2B SaaS tool, but we want to be seen as a luxury item. Think precision, like Rolex, Porsche, Tesla, SpaceX. We want to land that rocket every time and you are the person to design this to do so. Must be a hands on coder first, strongest on the front end, but with full stack capabilities on the stack listed below.


SQOR.io is making everyday company data from hundreds of SaaS tools easily accessible, digestible, and actionable. Leadership at companies can’t keep up with all the vital data from all their SaaS tools, so they spend millions of dollars on the current crop of ineffective business intelligence solutions and the data scientists that configure them. SQOR has developed a platform that uses AI to score execution and the results of execution across the entire company SaaS stack without the need for data scientists. It's 100% plug-and-play. User authenticates and the algorithms take over. 

Our application extracts vital execution data from each SaaS tool across the core divisions of every company, and scores them for quality of execution, making it easily accessible, affordable, and actionable. We provide an overall Execution Score (like a credit score) for the company internally that can also be utilized externally to monitor the company by investors and all external stakeholders.


You are someone with the right mix of UX/UI, User-Centric design ethos, Product Lead Growth (PLG) mindset, and strong Front End Ownership experience, to own the front end and deliver an amazing experience to our target personas. You are the conduit for the company that will translate the user's needs into amazing experience and you live for that. This is not a job for you. It is a calling.

Ideally you have startup experience and will have tasted growing a product as part of an agile team and importantly, you understand how to set up and listen to the telemetry (the numbers) of a growing user base to learn and adjust the product as needed to meet the demands of the market. On that last note, you are USER OBSESSED and work backwards from the user on every front end decision. You buy into the notion fully that this is the way to win. They will have a very strong background in API data fetching and integrations, and heuristic (scoring/weighting) algorithms.


  • Lead the development of intuitive, visually compelling interfaces for our AI for BI platform.
  • Rapidly prototype and iterate on design changes using Figma.
  • Write efficient, clean code, focusing on CSS and front-end frameworks.
  • Optimize performance and ensure cross-browser compatibility.
  • Stay ahead of trends in user-centric design and product-led growth.
  • Collaborate with a team to integrate front-end and back-end seamlessly.


  • Proven experience in Full Stack MERN development, with a heavy front-end focus.
  • Strong skills in HTML5, CSS3, React.js, Express, JavaScript, and TypeScript.
  • Deep understanding of UX/UI design principles, user-centric design, and product-led growth (PLG).
  • Ability to quickly adapt and solve problems in a fast-paced startup environment.
  • Familiarity with the latest animation libraries and front-end trends.
  • Experience in working with and improving existing designs.
  • Bonus: Experience with analytics tools, payment gateways, and SEO.


  • Relevant degree or substantial experience in a similar role.
  • A portfolio showcasing expertise in front-end development and design.
  • Strong Figma skills for rapid prototyping and design iteration.

At SQOR, we are seeking to make a difference in the way companies relate to their data, the way they are run and the way companies are funded. We intend to eliminate the status quo biases pervading venture funding, and to level the playing field by making execution the focus of investor bias, not gender, race, age, religion, geography, or other arbitrary biases. If that is mission you want to be a part of and work to make happen, please meet with us and join this effort. It's a true zero-to-one and truly badass.