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DataOps Engineer



Data Science
Paris, France
Posted on Saturday, June 1, 2024

Context :

It is challenging in many ways to develop a net zero electricity grid. Adding renewable energies means more need for storage and for grid balancing. Grid-scale batteries handle these issues but their operation is not quite simple.

A battery has access to many different revenue streams, each being specific. No revenue alone is enough to make it economically viable. All revenues stacked and optimized together ensure profitability in the long run and a fast deployment.

StackEase develops optimization and trading algorithms that merge the battery revenue streams and ensure a sustainable business model. The product is an API that provides the best bids to place in real-time in order to optimize the battery overall profit.

About StackEase:

StackEase is a deeptech spinoff from the INRIA (French Institute for Research in Computer Science), it was created in August 2023, members are located in Marseille and Paris.

Our values are innovation, customer satisfaction, merit and sustainability. The company's purpose is to leverage Machine Learning and Mathematical Optimization to accelerate the energy transition.

Missions :

  • Responsible for building and developing the whole backend architecture of StackEase from scratch.
  • Set up databases and data pipelines, collecting battery and market data in real-time. Develop routines to handle missing or corrupted data.
  • Deploy on the cloud and monitor our optimisation algorithms that run 24/7 every 15 minutes with high quality standards (IaC, CI/CD, cyber protected, …)
  • Manage contractors and future hires.

Skills Wishlist :

  • Scientific BS/MS/PhD with 3+ years of exp in Data Eng and/or DevOps
  • Professional experience with working on real-time data processing and ETL, as well as deploying and monitoring an API on the cloud.
  • Knowledge of common backend tools and practices : IaC, CI/CD, Python, Git, Kubernetes/EKS, SQL …
  • Enthusiastic, rigorous, autonomous and willing to be involved in major technical decisions
  • Interest in the energy sector, finance, mathematics and/or Machine Learning

Compensation :

  • 50k€ - 65k€ salary range (incl. healthcare, unemployment rate, vacations, …)
  • Flexible remote work policies

You do not need to meet 100% of the requirements to apply, we will study all applications: please send your resume to jobs@stackease.fr. References and a cover letter are also welcome but not mandatory.