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Head of Products

Super Dispatch

Super Dispatch

Missouri, USA
Posted on Monday, June 24, 2024

Head of Products, Logistics position available at Super Dispatch, Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri. To apply, submit resume and cover letter to: Eldor Fazilov, Legal Compliance Officer, 420 Nichols Road, 2nd Floor, Kansas City, Missouri 64112 or by email to eldor @superdispatch.com.

Job Duties: Plan, direct, or coordinate development of transportation/logistics software. Provide daily directions to the Transportation Management System (TMS) software development team, and establish product implementation priorities/workflows. Coordinate with software development teams to identify/resolve system/software problems. Plan, and implement user support improvements in TMS. Consult with users, business leadership, software development team to assess software product needs/system requirements. Set, implement departmental goals, policies, procedures. Review/approve software updates prior to implementation. Recommend, develop software development budget/expenditures. Manage backup, security, user help systems. Collaborate with developers using Mixpanel Analytics, Google Analytics, Slack, Trello, Figma, Jira, ProductBoard, Salesforce, Intercom to ensure timely on budget product delivery. Manage 3rd party application integrations with our software to deliver more value. Collect key company growth performance indicators from sources such as Google Play Market, App Store, Google Analytics, Metabase and Mixpanel. Analyze, create, share reports from key performance indicators. Create TMS data-based strategic plans. Analyze acquisition/activation/retention stages to identify improvements. Identify possible growth to help company acquire new customers using existing product capabilities/without spending significant resources/development. Provide recommendations to senior leadership on software product goals and roadmap. Setting strategic goals for product improvements/user success.

Minimum Educational Requirement: Bachelor's degree in business administration or related field.

Minimum Experience Requirement: 3 years of experience in transportation or logistics-related industry.