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客户经理 - 亚太地区



Hong Kong
Posted on Friday, October 20, 2023

About Telnyx

Telnyx is an industry leader that's not just imagining the future of global connectivity—we're building it. From architecting and amplifying the reach of a private, global, multi-cloud IP network, to bringing hyperlocal edge technology right to your fingertips through intuitive APIs, we're shaping a new era of seamless interconnection between people, devices, and applications.

We're driven by a desire to transform and modernize what's antiquated, automate the manual, and solve real-world problems through innovative connectivity solutions. As a testament to our success, we're proud to stand as a financially stable and profitable company. Our robust profitability allows us not only to invest in pioneering technologies but also to foster an environment of continuous learning and growth for our team.

Our collective vision is a world where borderless connectivity fuels limitless innovation. By joining us, you can be part of laying the foundations for this interconnected future. We're currently seeking passionate individuals who are excited about the opportunity to contribute to an industry-shaping company while growing their own skills and careers.


向首席运营官,您将负责推动 Telnyx 在以下领域的扩张 亚太地区。这是一个令人兴奋的机会,可以加入快速增长的规模扩张,并在我们向新领域的扩张中发挥关键作用。在我们营销团队的支持下,您将专注于为 Telnyx 寻找新的高价值客户,并建立涉及我们的长期战略业务关系无线物联网产品 这将带来收入增长和客户满意度的提高。



  • 与首席运营官 制定整个销售策略 亚太地区
  • 您将拥有该地区并有责任实现我们的收入目标移动无线物联网产品
  • 在我们的支持下,结合对外销售勘探和入境销售线索,开发强大的交易渠道营销和 SDR 团队
  • 与每个关键客户建立值得信赖的/战略顾问关系,并推动 Telnyx 的持续价值产品与服务。
  • 在我们的销售工程团队的支持下,为潜在客户安排和进行 Telnyx 门户演示
  • 与客户合作建立关键目标或其他关键绩效指标,并帮助客户实现其业务目标。
  • 与营销、产品管理和销售同行合作,优化客户价值并实现 Telnyx 的成功
  • 根据每个阶段的结果提供准确的报告和预测。


  • 精通英语、粤语和普通话。
  • 适应和内省;愿意学习、教导、领导和跟随
  • 3-5年企业消费类软件平台销售经验
  • IoT、SaaS 或电信行业经验
  • 持续超额完成配额的良好记录
  • 猎人心态和对外策略工作经验(通过电话、电子邮件、社交销售等)
  • 无可挑剔的书面和口头沟通技巧。你是一个强有力的倾听者和沟通者。
  • 能够识别并向 C 级目标以及跨产品开发和 IT 联系人进行销售


  • 跨行业移动无线物联网新业务体验
  • Telco、CPaaS、UCaaS、CCaaS 或 SaaS 新业务销售体验
  • 与信任并尊重您建议的客户建立关系
  • 成熟的咨询销售解决方案技能,包括能够清晰、简洁地表达投资回报价值声明
  • 具有既定销售方法的经验,例如 Challenger、SPIN、Miller Heiman 等

Bring Your Authentic Self to Telnyx

Telnyx is committed to building a team full of diverse perspectives, various backgrounds and different minds. We believe diversity drives innovation. We are committed to building a culture where difference is valued and creating avenues of equity for underserved groups. While we are still a work in progress, we are actively seeking folks who are passionate about building a place of belonging for everyone.

We're looking for people with passion, grit, and integrity. We believe in transparency, proactivity, and mutual respect. We provide the high-grade tools that help you do your best work, and keep up the collaborative habits that help everyone stay in the loop. No matter where you're based or which team you’re on, you’re plugged in, supported, and helping to shape the future of communications.

You're encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn't precisely match the job description. Your skills and passion will stand out—and set you apart—especially if your career has taken some extraordinary twists and turns. At Telnyx, we welcome diverse perspectives, rigorous thinkers and assumption challengers. Are you ready to join us?