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Sales Development Representative



Sales & Business Development
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Posted on Friday, September 8, 2023

Voyc, an award-winning leader in contact centre AI software, helps financial services companies be compliant and improve customer service by monitoring 100% of their customer interactions. Voyc uses artificial intelligence to transcribe and automatically analyse and review interactions to identify and handle problematic interactions (customer complaints and interactions with vulnerable customers) according to regulatory requirements. The AI solution “listens” for potential problems and compliance breaches and alerts users (supervisors and quality assurance teams) of calls that need further review and remediation.

Financial services companies have a huge compliance problem, particularly in the context of contact centre quality assurance. These companies struggle to monitor 100% of customer interactions due to the high cost of employing more and more quality assurance assessors. As a result, the average company monitors only 4-5% of customer interactions. This results in a large number of unchecked interactions, including complaints, compliance breaches and poor agent behaviour.

That’s where Voyc comes in! Voyc has built strong compliance models and cutting-edge software to revolutionise the contact centre quality assurance process. In 2021, Voyc was selected as the winner of the Accenture Blue Tulip Awards and the KPMG Digital Innovation Challenge. All of this has been achieved by our team of highly-motivated, diverse and purpose-driven individuals.

Job Description
We're looking for a go-getter Sales Development Rep, ideally someone with experience in fields such as telemarketing, insurance call centers, retail sales, recruitment (agency side), or real estate. If you're eager to transition into the B2B software and financial services sector, this role at Voyc could be an excellent fit for you. Your primary focus will be to help find untapped sales leads among midmarket financial service firms in the UK. You'll be the first touchpoint, working with our UK Account Executive and Co-founder/CEO to open doors for sales. If you're comfortable with cold calling and ready for a new challenge, this is a prime opportunity. This role offers a pathway for career growth, including the chance to become an Account Executive

Do you want to be part of a team that is making the world a more consistent and caring place through innovative software solutions? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you! Voyc is a SaaS start up focused on using cutting-edge AI, Machine Learning and other technology to deliver a product that promotes positive change in society by increasing Consistency and Care in call centres for regulated companies. You can find out more about us at voyc.ai and meet the team and dig into our values on our About Us page

  • Can you provide an example of how you've utilised LinkedIn messages and email sequences to schedule online meetings?
  • Describe a situation where you followed up on a lead from marketing to set up an online meeting. How did you approach it?
  • Have you attended online financial services events to prospect? If so, how did you utilise these events to set up online meetings?
  • How do you typically prepare for an online meeting? Can you provide an example of when your preparation made a significant difference?
  • Describe a time when you conducted a discovery exercise during an online meeting. How did you ensure you also educated the prospect during the call?
  • Share an instance where you set up a follow-up meeting with Account Executives. How do you typically kick off these meetings?
  • How do you handle situations when attendees can't make it to a scheduled meeting? Can you provide an example?
  • How have you shared valuable customer insights or market trends with your previous employers?
  • How do you typically log and manage your activities in a CRM, like HubSpot?
  • Give an example of when you re-engaged with old contacts based on their interaction with marketing emails. What was the outcome?
  • How do you stay updated with the UK Financial Services market? Share an instance where you actively participated in online discussions related to this market.
  • Have you ever planned or aspired to move from a prospecting role to an Account Executive position? How do you see this transition taking place in the next 6 to 24 months?

As well as the opportunity to learn and expand your skills while making the world a better place, working at Voyc offers the following

  • A market-related salary
  • Caring, growth-focused team culture
  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote work
  • Forward-thinking leave policies
  • Company-sponsored lunches, travel and learning opportunities
  • An inclusive & representative workplace

Company Values

  • Playing to win
  • Putting people over everything
  • Driving results
  • Pursuing Knowledge
  • Working together